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Logo - Afile77

Couv'emploi: a solidarity device for testing and learning about entrepreneurship in Ile de France

Since 1999, the Afile 77 association has organised a business incubator in Seine-et-Marne in which it supports and trains job seekers or recipients of the social security minimum in creating their TPE (very small business).

Published on lundi 11 avril 2016

Logo - OZANAM Services

Integration through economic activity according to Ozanam services

Since 1988 in the 15th arrondissement of Paris, Ozanam services, a kind of solidarity employment agency, has supported the socio-professional reintegration of people far removed from employment. This intermediary association offers them one off and regular jobs (maintenance of premises, minor renovation work, warehouse, personal services ...) as well as personalised support.

Published on lundi 04 avril 2016

Logo - Visemploi

Visemploi: a job for everyone through solidarity for all

Since 2004, the association Visemploi has offered job seekers work in Ile de France: contact points, temporary support, individual support in the form of sponsorship and various workshops on searching for jobs. All its services are free and assured by volunteers. They last as long as is needed to complete the projects of the people supported.

Published on lundi 04 avril 2016

Logo - Fasol (Fabriquons la Solidarité)

Fasol activities: inclusion and personal revitalisation in the form of games

Since 2010, Fasol has offered ready to use activities with educational, social or therapeutic purposes throughout Ile de France. Their team create games from recycled wood that serve as mediation tools in 4 areas of intervention (business/seniors, disability, health/social & youth/events).

Published on dimanche 14 février 2016

Logo - Villages à Vivre

Villages à Vivre: a place to experiment with intergenerational living and social diversity

To fight against exclusion and promote integration, the association Villages à Vivre (Villages to Live in) creates and facilitates living areas (villages or residences) to realise the concept of "Living Together". Since 2014, it has been building its first village in Chauffry (Seine-et-Marne) where old people and people being reintegrated (1/3), with disabilities (1/3) and people on holiday (1/3) cohabit.

Published on dimanche 14 février 2016

Logo - Artis Multimédia

Artis Multimedia workshops to facilitate social and professional reintegration in Saint-Denis

Since 2004, the Artis Multimedia association has fought against new forms of exclusion from the information society. It offers various workshops, notably some structured around multimedia, to provide the skills necessary for reintegration.

Published on mardi 01 décembre 2015

Logo - Fédération Nationale des Ecoles de Production

The Ecoles de Production: learning while producing

The Ecoles de Production (Production schools) are an original form of basic training for young people to learn a trade by linking technical (responding to real orders) and theoretical training. They are an effective way to fight against disengagement from school and youth unemployment.

Published on vendredi 30 octobre 2015

Logo - COJOB

COJOB- Collective Jobeurs an association that reinvents the job hunt

COJOB - Collective Jobeurs aims to enhance and energise the period when Jobeurs are looking for work (young people, baccalaureate +3 years of further study or more, under 35 years old) by enabling them to come together, find a framework to everyday life and to stay active.

Published on mardi 20 octobre 2015

Logo - Eccofor

Juralternance, a production school servicing a region

Juralternance offers young people from 15 to 18 years old who are socially fragile (school, family ...) practical training in a production school for various trades within the tire and metalwork industries.

Published on mardi 13 octobre 2015

Logo - Solidarité Informatique

Social integration through computer literacy from Solidarité Informatique

In Lille since 2001, the Solidarité Informatique association (Solidarity IT) introduces people from a disadvantaged background to computers in order to promote their social and professional integration.

Published on jeudi 08 octobre 2015