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By making this objective and qualified information available, RESOLIS intends to contribute to the knowledge base of social and humanitarian action, to encourage work between associations and inspire research projects

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An approach inspired by science to fight against poverty in France

Since 2014, the Association Resolis has identified and highlighted , according to an approach inspired by the model of scientific communities, original and exemplary initiatives which fight against poverty in France.

Published on vendredi 20 janvier 2017

Logo - La bagagerie d’ANTIGEL

The Bagagerie d'Antigel: for dropping off bags and resocialisation

Since 2010, The Bagagerie d'Antigel (The ANTIGEL luggage service) is open every day, morning and night in the 15th arrondissement of Paris, to welcome homeless people who are given a private space to leave their things safely and without any time limit and who can enjoy a moment of conviviality (café, workshops, outings ...). While the centres are managed by volunteers, the support from the facilitator and network of partners allows people to gradually regain their autonomy.

Published on lundi 04 avril 2016

Logo - RESO77

The RESO77 Network for exchange and sharing

In 2014, the Seine-et-Marne solidarity network, RESO77, set up an online digital information tool that links its members with a view to exchanging and pooling their materials, skills and knowledge. This device enables the development of close ties between the users and makes their exchanges more fluid.

Published on dimanche 14 février 2016


Info-Dettes: a collective of associations that fights against excessive debt in Seine-et-Marne

Since 2006, the volunteer team of INFO-DETTES (Info-Debt) has freely and anonymously welcomed, listened to, advised and guided people who are in situations of financial insecurity.

Published on vendredi 12 février 2016

Logo - Le Rocheton

The "Relais CNED au collège" project to support the education of traveller children.

Since late 2013, the association Rocheton has coordinated multiple actions to encourage the education and academic success of young people living on CUCS welcome areas in Melun Val de Seine and Sénart (Seine-et-Marne).

Published on vendredi 12 février 2016

Logo - Osez la médiation

Osez la Médiation: develop relational intelligence in the educational environment

The Osez la Médiation Association (Dare to mediate) advises, trains and supports school principals, educational teams and their partners to improve the atmosphere in schools and the success of all students.

Published on mercredi 02 septembre 2015


Family farming takes pride of place in the ad hoc Resolis Observatory

The Resolis Association was designated by the French Committee for monitoring the International Year of Family Farming (AIAF) to centralise and enhance the French initiatives launched during the year. Therefore they have created an ad hoc Observatory.

Published on mercredi 29 juillet 2015

Logo - CLER (Réseau pour la transition énergétique)

SLIME - Local Intervention Services for Energy Management

SLIME aims to group together the identification of households in fuel poverty. It is implemented by around thirty local authorities. Households are identified by a network of people who raise the alarm. They then benefit from a socio-technical assessment at their home and are directed towards appropriate solutions (renovation assistance, social energy tariffs, budgetary advice, etc.).

Published on jeudi 18 juin 2015

Logo - Réseau ECO HABITAT

ECO-HABITAT network: Supporting very vulnerable households in their home improvement project

In order to fight against fuel poverty, the Eco-Habitat Network is developing a support system for households in Picardy who face financial difficulty with the energy renovation project for their home. The objective is to provide solutions where problems can not be overcome by the users themselves through a cross-disciplinary action of mediation and coordination between field actors involved in fuel poverty and thermal renovation.

Published on mardi 16 juin 2015

Logo - CCAS

Coordination of food aid by CCAS in Roubaix

The Community Centre for Social Action (CCAS), the "centre" of Roubaix coordinates a network of charities in the field of food aid since 2014, in order to effectively meet the needs of people in difficulty and to promote mutual assistance between those local organisations.

Published on samedi 06 juin 2015